Sunday, December 26, 2010

The night we remembered by my hubby...

Just Me: The Meeting: " It was the day after Christmas in 1989. I had only lived in Clinton, IA since the first week of November and ..."
and this was my comment in response: 

Connie said...

I love you, "Steve"! My memories of that night are of you standing in the housewares department shifting from one foot to the other like a shy child hiding behind his mother and your smile which never left your face! The light in your eyes was magnetic.
I never thought anything about meeting in the bar of a hotel other than "What will I wear?" (I think I went shopping right after our meeting. lol)I remember chatting in the bar and our discussion of your uncle's idea of finding God in the wilderness... which concerned me a little. I am ever so glad we continued our discussion of God/religion only to discover we were in unison about salvation through Jesus as well as many other of the many endearing qualities of yours...the gift of conversation.

I vaguely remember the light ride but distinctly remember calling you Steve and MAKING you show me your drivers license! and the embarrassment of the whole situation. That is until your confession of not even knowing my name! What a relief! (by the way...I still think Aunt Barb introduced you as Steve! so I blame It was funny and still is a fun story to share!

I remember throwing the snowball in your NEW GRAND AM!! I think you were a little irritated...but not enough to stop you from seeing me again thankfully! What a guy will do for a pretty It was a cool car and I felt bad afterwards so I am glad to know you enjoyed my "Abbott flirting"...

It really was a magical night and it has been one of only a few absolutly favorite events of my life. It ranks up there with the event of our wedding and the delivery of our two sons! hmmm think about it... if it were not for that night I would not have the other memories...
God truly had a plan!

I love you Scott...more and more every day!

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