Monday, October 11, 2010

Committed to move forward...

So do I move forward or stay where I am?
If I stay where I am it will only get worse.
I am committed to move forward today.
Ready Set Go!
Start today and no stopping til I am done!
to quote a rather famous fish...
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming..."

but an even better quote can be found in the Word of God

from The Message

Focused on the Goal

Philippians 3: 12-14 (The Message)

I'm not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don't get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I've got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I'm off and running, and I'm not turning back.

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