Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Excuses? Really???

Good Saturday Morning! I have started to write blog posts many times before today but either end up erasing what I start out writing or talk myself out of writing before I even get started? Why do I do that!? I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head...It's not like I don't have things I'd like to say, just ask my hubby! lol Sometimes I think..well, I just don't have will take too long to get my thoughts out and I'm just too busy...hmm sound like my excuse for not exercising...hmm...Sometimes I let the kids or household or job or phone or TV or just about anything distract me from writing...hmm, sounds like another of my many good reasons for not exercising...Sometimes I just don't know where to start, what to say or which thought I'd like to work on first..hmm....another excuse I use not to exercise..and of course there is always the old lie that pervades my thoughts..what does it matter- what good would it do- I haven't done it in so long, I don't know what difference it would make anyway and besides who would read it...the good old standby of I just don't have the confidence to do it....hmmm ANOTHER excuse not to exercise..Sounds to me like my excuses are pretty universal. They seem to fit just about any area of my life but lately, exercise has been on my mind. Just on my mind It is time to do something about it, time to give up the excuses and get out there and do it.

I have a few acquaintances that have been blessed with either a job that allows them the freedom to go to a personal trainer/gym/boot camp or they don't have a job at all and can go anytime they like. They not only have a schedule that affords them this luxury but they have the money to pay for it as well...I have been telling myself... sure if I had these blessings and didn't have to fill my day with work and then squeeze in family and household duties not to mention preparing meals, being on committees and helping out other family members..AND somehow find time for God, journal WW points, and of course check my email and face book (don't I sound busy!!) then I could exercise too...I'm jealous! I can't do what they can fair!! poor me!!! but wait, think about that...I can't do what they can do, I can only do what I can do. So rather than do nothing (cuz that is also one of my "things"-you know-if I can't do it all the way I just won't do it at all-like clean the don't want to step in there if you don't have really...thank God my hubby cleans it for me once in a while! I love that man most of the jk dh luv u ALL time!)sorry, I digress...can't help those random thoughts that pop in there was I? oh yes, If I can't do it all the way then I just won't do it at all...I think that has been the biggest reason(excuse)I have been let get in my way, lately. If I can't go to boot camp then I can't do anything at all...If I can't give exercise enough time then I just won't exercise at all...If I don't have the right equipment I just won't do anything at all...hmmm doesn't sound like a good thought process. I recognize my excuse now what do I do? I know what you are thinking... just get out there and do something when you can, Connie.
That sounds good but do I need a plan? a schedule? a routine? Well yes, but if I wait for the plan will that become another excuse?...sorry I can't exercise, I don't have a "plan", I know)
So, here's what I am going to do (cuz I need to do something!) I am going to get 30 minutes of walking in every day or as often as I can...that will be my "plan". I won't stop myself from exercising because of time, distractions, or the feeling like that is not good enough. See how I wrote that...determined and committed... I didn't even use the word "try" to get exercise into my day! WoW that's a good start, isn't it? Now off to dig out my walking shoes and the leash! My dog is going to be so happy!

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