Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why am I so fat?

12:03a.m.!!!  I have again stayed up way beyond what would be considered a decent bedtime.  My hubby and kids, even the dog! are snoring away!  (Some louder than others.) 

"Why?" you may ask, "did you stay up so late?" 

Well... I only wanted to check my email and face book accounts and enter a few grades and maybe pay a bill or two online...Ha! I am SOOOO easily distracted! 
I got through my email before too late but then when I went to Face Book, I noticed a friend's post telling me to visit her new blog she just created...I felt compelled to check it out! I wondered what she might have to say that would take more than the few lines allowed in a face book post and who knows...maybe just maybe she might mention my name???  Well no mention of my name in print so I am not famous yet, but I did find her post entertaining and wondered...hmmm...just how did she do that...  Next thing you I am! I have created my very own blog on my very own site...well kinda... 
It was really pretty easy but I did have a few decisions to make about color, background, style, and then I had to create a profile and try to decide what are my favorite movies, songs, quotes and etc.. and the later it gets the more difficult it is for me to make a decision, something I already struggle with under normal circumstances. 
Thus the time has slipped away from me and now I am going to have one of those mornings...shoot! Getting up and going will be the most difficult but once I am on the road and after I have enjoyed a cup or two of my hubby's wonderful coffee, I really should be ok. Though not if I don't stop all this and go to bed!! 
You know, the last time I went to the doctor for a check up, he asked me about my sleeping habits and if I was getting enough which I informed him that my only true quiet time to myself was after everyone else was in bed and so of course I just ~had~ to stay up late and no I probably wasn't getting enough sleep. This is when he informed me that it is very difficult for people who are trying to lose weight to do so without enough sleep. (hmmm just what was he implying??) He said something about your body not responding well to the lack of sleep...I of course don't remember the exact details but I do remember this one important detail: more sleep=better weight loss - vs - less sleep=poor eight loss. 
I googled sleep and weight loss and found a great article on WebMD  called Sleep Loss Hampers Weight Loss Efforts by Denise Mann.  She made a lot of sense which could explain why the results of my efforts are not quite as successful as I would have like them to be lately. I'd say they are being hampered...
I really should work on going to bed when everyone else goes to bed. After all, my intentions to get all kinds of productive things accomplished are often thwarted by the many distractions I allow to carry me away!  Tonight being a prime example.
So now here it is 12:44a.m. and I am still awake and NOT doing all those things I was planning on getting done before going to bed. I should have just gone to bed with everyone else.  The important things I was going to do would not be done, but I would be well rested and perhaps a little thinner.Ha!  

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  1. if you are wondering about the date at the top of this blog vs the time at the bottom...I started out writing on the 14th and finished checking my work and posted on the 15th...


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